The process of finding the IGNOU assignment Status marks, status and result is made easier now.  ignou.ac.in Internal Assessment Status 2022 can be checked online by submitting the enrollment number and the program code.

Process of Submit IGNOU Assignment

The candidates have to Submit IGNOU Assignment before the Term End Examination begins. To have an ease in submitting the IGNOU Assignment, follow the directions given below:

  • Go to the official website of IGNOU: www.ignou.ac.in.
  • Then download the assignment file in PDF for your selected program.
  • You can also use the assignments sent to you through email.
  • Students can also get their IGNOU Assignment 2022 from the regional study centers.
  • The deadline for the submission will be mentioned in the booklet.
  • Read the details to prepare the assignment accordingly.
  • Submit the IGNOU Assignment 2022 to the regional study center.
  • Make your HOD sign the slip, which includes: enrollment number, name of IGNOU Course enrolled, date of Assignment submission.

Check ignou.ac.in Internal Assessment Status

Once the candidate has submitted their IGNOU Assessment, it will go for evaluation to the appointed evaluators. Once the evaluation is done, it will be either uploaded on the Portal or will go to the regional study center. The process of finding the assignment marks, status and result is made easier now.  ignou.ac.in Internal Assessment Status 2022 can be checked online by submitting the enrollment number and the program code. ignou.ac.in Assignment Status  will be uploaded within 40 days of the assignment submission. It will contain marks, status, grades and results of the assignments. Follow the steps below to check the ignou.ac.in Internal Assessment Status.

  • Open the official website: www.ignou.ac.in
  • Fill in the enrollment number and the program code.
  • Click on the “submit” button
  • A new window will open showing the assignment status.
  • You can take the hardcopy for future referrals.

Details on IG Open University Assignment Status

The IG Open University Assignment Status contains the following details:

  • Enrolment number
  • Programme name
  • Programme code
  • Assignment session
  • Assignment status
  • Submission date of assignment

The students who fail to submit their assignment within the time will not be allowed to attend the Term End Examination. The assignment has 30% weightage and the Theory exam has 70% weightage.

IGNOU Assessment Status Not Uploaded

There may be cases when IGNOU Assessment Status has not been uploaded. In such cases, the candidates can wait till the declaration of the Term End Examination. Due to some unforeseen situations there can be a delay where regional centers fail to upload the IGNOU Assessment Grades.

But if you are still not able to view your result after the TEE result declaration, you have to get in touch with your regional study center. Keep the copy of the Grade card and the slip signed by HOD before expressing your concern to the center coordinator.

Writing IGNOU Project

The students of IGNOU have to write the IGNOU Project as per the guidelines mentioned by the University. You will not be allowed to sit for the term end exam if you have not submitted the IGNOU Project 2022. The candidates have to follow the below mentioned procedure to write the IGNOU Project:

  • Write all answers on a plain A4 sheet in your own handwriting.
  • Draw diagrams where necessary.
  • Bind all the pages relating to a particular course.
  • Write details like name, programme name, curse, enrollment number etc on the front page.
  • In case of multiple choice questions, tick mark the correct answer.
  • Follow the same procedure for all other courses of your programme.

IG University Assignment Marking Scheme

The IG University uses the grading system to mark the IGNOU Assignment. The learner’s achievement will be evaluated on the basis of the scores they get and will be converted into the grades. The table below shows the IG University Assignment Marking Scheme:

Grade  Qualitative Level Points 
A Excellent 5
B Very good 4
C Good 3
D Average 2
E Unsatisfactory 1
Grade  Points  Percentage 
O (Outstanding) 10 More than 85
A+ (Excellent) 9 76-85
A (Very Good) 8 66-75
B+ (Good) 7 56-65
B (Above Average) 6 51-55
C (Average) 5 41-50
D (Pass) 4 36-40
F (Fail) 0 Less than 35
Absent (A) 0 Absent

IGNOU Assignment Websites

IGNOU Website www.ignou.ac.in 
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